Levels Cushion

Elevate your life & mind with the world's most advanced meditation technology.


The Levels Interactive Cushion Bundle + App will guide you along your meditation journey to help you reach deeper states of peace, self-awareness, and mental resilience. 


  • The Levels Interactive Meditation Cushion with Advanced Sensor Technology

  • Levels App Access

  • Virtual Meditation Session with a Levels Instructor 

  • The Levels Floor Cushion

  • 12-Month Limited Warranty

  • Free Delivery

  • Special Bundle Price: $249.99


This Levels Meditation Cushion Bundle is the first of its kind & holistically designed to elevate your meditation practice & mental resilience.   

Bundle content:

  • The Levels Interactive Cushion that measures your Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Breath Rate, Calmness & Stillness.

  • Levels App guides you into deeper states of meditation by providing personalized instruction based on your heart and breath patterns. 

  • Levels Floor Cushion provides additional comfort and support for your body & practice

  • Interactive Meditation Session with a Levels Instructor using your real-time metrics to guide you to a deeper state of relaxation and meditation. (Virtual)


Making meditation a daily practice isn't easy, we understand that. This is why we’ve developed this meditation cushion bundle that is super easy to use and will help you achieve a healthy mind and a life. No matter your meditation goal - we’ve got your back. 

Available for Pre-Orders Only and limited to 2 per customer.

Cushion Features:

Organic cotton top and buckwheat hull base

Machine washable cover

Vegan leather carrying strap

Technical Features:

Advanced sensors to measure your breathing, heart, and stillness patterns

Bluetooth connectivity

USB charging

Long battery life


Bottom Cushion Features:

Organic cotton

Machine washable cover

Levels Cushion

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$249.99Sale Price