Benefits of Meditation and Using a Levels Cushion

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meditation has gained significant traction over the recent years. In recent studies from the National Center of Health Statistics, they have found that meditation is one of the fastest growing trends.

Over the past 5 years, meditation and mindfulness practices have tripled. Yoga also has become increasingly more popular, growing 50% in the last 5 years, but it still lags behind meditation as a practice. There are many benefits of meditation and the list continues to grow the more we understand about the practice. The main benefit that we have found from meditation is:

Meditation reduces network activity in the default mode network. The default mode network is a network of interacting brain regions that is active when a person is not focused or engaged. In other words, it is active when you are daydreaming, lost in thought, and not present. When this goes unchecked, the default mode network has been linked to many disorders including but not limited to: anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, PTSD, autism, ADD, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.


Meditation has been shown to reduce network activity by teaching an individual how to

remain present, mindful, and recognize distractions when they occur and re-engage with the present moment. Remaining consistent with your meditation practice can allow you help alleviate and prevent these disorders.

Much of meditation is consistency. Practicing meditation and using meditation techniques

every now and again is not going to have the same effect as practicing consistently. Another crucial point is feedback. Feedback not only allows you to easily track your progress, it can also be a motivator.

Currently, there are not many products that exist today that provide concrete feedback that

help gauge various measures of mindfulness. That is why we have created the Levels meditation biofeedback meditation cushion that pairs directly with our Levels app. The cushion senses your breath and heart patterns to allow you to better gauge your meditation and mindfulness practice. The cushion detects whether your breaths are short/long, shallow/deep, and the pulse of your heart to track and detect when exactly you become distracted in your practice.

Pairing the cushion with the Levels app provides further feedback such as trends, milestones, and personalized suggestions on how you can improve your meditation practice. We at Levels believe that this frequent and concrete feedback will allow you to better and more easily see the benefits of meditation all while motivating you to keep progressing.

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