Top 3 Benefits of Using a Meditation Cushion

Mindful meditation has shown to be beneficial not only physically, but spiritually as well.

There are many ways to meditate and many settings that people can meditate in. However, one important thing to take note of is that a meditation cushion, also known as a zafu, can help immensely in gaining comfort and maintaining a healthy posture. Here are three reasons why you need to incorporate a meditation cushion into your daily routine:

1) Better Posture

Usually when people meditate they tend to sit on the floor directly or use a yoga mat to make

sitting more comfortable. However, sitting in an unsupported cross-legged position forces you to focus more on keeping your spine straight rather than on the meditation itself. As time goes on, form starts to falter and it gets harder to keep a good posture. Using a meditation cushion helps raise your hips and roll them forward, allow your lower back to relieve some stress. After your lower back relaxes, the spine aligns back to the correct position and the entire body follows through.

2) Enforces the Habit

There’s a reason why people use a desk to work on and use a bed to sleep as part of their

daily routine. When you sit in front of a desk habitually, your brain programs itself to recognize that desk means work. In a similar instance, laying in bed every night forces your brain to recognize that a bed means that it’s time to shut down and go to sleep. Using a meditation cushion, along with some meditation music, allows you to get into that mindset quicker than if you were not using anything.

3) Artificial Intelligence

For people who want to improve their meditation and get better at their practice, a smart

meditation cushion is the perfect item to gain that extra level of peace and mindfulness. Using a smart cushion such as the Levels Biofeedback Cushion allows you to capture your breath and heart patterns to measure the depth of your meditation. Using the Levels app on your phone allows you to get that data in real time and understand how your meditation is impacting your body and mind. The artificial intelligence feature also generates prompts that alerts you to reach deeper states of meditation. All in all, smart cushions are for people who are passionate about meditation and want to be efficient in the way they meditate.

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